40 year old bushes still producing exquisite red berries.

PYO raspberries closed for 2023.  The rain has taken it’s toll.

Raspberries enjoy a long a “fruitful” history in terms of growing throughout the world. There are recordings and descriptions of them as far back as the gathering them back in the 1st century BC. Seeds found throughout Europe in Roman archaeological sites show evidence of the domestication of raspberries all the way up through Britain.

When settlers from Europe came to America, they found Native Americans already utilizing and eating berries. Due to the nomadic nature of this culture, berries were dried for preservation and ease of transportation. Settlers also brought cultivated raspberries that were native to Europe with them to the new colonies. The first commercial nursery plants were sold by William Price in 1771.

In 1761, George Washington moved to his estate in Mount Vernon where he began to cultivate berries in his extensive gardens. By 1867 over 40 different varieties were known. After the Civil War, major production areas emerged in the regions of New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana. By 1880, approximately 2,000 acres were in cultivation.

Today our 40 year old bushes provide juicy and wonderful berries with exquisite flavor!

Raspberry Jam and Syrup

Raspberry Jam and Syrup produced here at the farm

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